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The main reason for choosing DHI Costa Rica:

A life changing experience

In DHI Costa Rica we have specialized in medical tourism and so, we offer a full experience on your hair transplant and go beyond just the fine medical procedure.
We want you to return home as a new improved version of yourself by giving you the chance that most people don't have; the opportunity to restore your hair and your confidence. Every detail of this experience has been taken care of and you can ask us for any recommendations throughout this journey

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The Benefits of Coming to Costa Rica for a Medical Procedure

Costa Rica is known for being one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But did you know that it is also famous for being one of the best countries for medical tourism?Composite image of portrait of female nurse holding out open palm


Three reasons why Costa Rica is an excellent country for medical tourism:


Better prices

The quality of the medical procedures in Costa Rica is comparable or even better to the ones offered in the United States and Europe. However, these procedures cost a fraction of the price offered in those locations.

In most cases it’s more economical to fly to Costa Rica, stay here for a couple of nights and get the surgery done, than having the procedure performed in your country of origin.

Medical quality

The quality of the private healthcare in Costa Rica is excellent. It has been adapted and specialized to receive medical tourism and many of the doctors have been trained internationally. This is the case for DHI Costa Rica, being one of the best and most specialized hair transplant clinics in the world. DHI Costa Rica has patients from all over the world, who have seen  the amazing results and have also had the opportunity to get to know this beautiful country.

Relax in paradise

Costa Rica not only has the advantage to offer its tourists unforgettable vacation, but is also a perfect place to recover after a medical procedure. One of the  advantages of our technique is that it only requires from 4-7 days for a total recovery, and it does not demand total rest. Therefore, this allows you to get to know the country and enjoy your vacations.

Costa Rica offers  hope for people that want to overcome hair loss. The Hair Restoration Clinic DHI Costa Rica invites you to get your confidence back with a hair transplant procedure with guaranteed natural looking results that last for a lifetime. You can plan a trip to Costa Rica that can change your life. Learn more about this experience here:


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DHI: The best solution for hair loss

What is DHI?

DHI is an international franchise with a 50 year trajectory, considered a global leader in hair transplant procedures. Throughout the years, we have innovated and developed the most precise and minimally invasive technique in the market.

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation which is a hair transplant method which consists of two phases:

Phase 1 - Extraction of hair follicles from the back and sides of the head. 

Phase 2 - Implantation of these follicles in the area affected by hair loss.


This treatment only needs from 4 to 7 days of recovery, does not require absolute rest, and allows you to do daily chores.

Doctors are shaking hands to say thank you for good teamwork


The main benefits of DHI

Artboard 1 copy 2Artes

100% Safety

We create and follow strict safety standardized protocols in each step of the procedure. The wellbeing of our patients is our priority, as well as the extensive  care of the hair follicles.

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No scars or pain

Our technique does not require a scalpel or stitches. The instruments we use are patented by DHI. Their diameters are so small (1mm or less) that they do not leave a scar. We also use local anesthesia which permits the patient to rest and sleep during the procedure as they feel no pain during the transplant.

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Natural and Personalized

We use the patients hair follicles from  the back or sides of the head because they are permanent and will never fall off. These hair follicles are implanted with the appropriate direction, depth and angle to ensure natural results.

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Natural and permanent growth 

The day of the surgery, we design the style  each patient desires in order to meet their expectations in their totality. Since the transplanted hair is the own patient’s hair, it will grow naturally the same way as the rest of his/her hair. The patient will be able to cut their hair regularly with the style they desire as well as dye their hair.


Guaranteed Effectivity 

Our procedures have up to a 97% effectiveness which is achieved based on our detailed protocols and care before, during, and post procedure.

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Only Specialized Doctors

The procedure is done from start to finish by qualified doctors. All the doctors are trained and  certified by DHI’s Hair Restoration Academy and are constantly attending medical trainings for the latest improvements.  


DHI Costa Rica is known for having the best techniques, professionalism and service, transforming  lives through hair transplants. You can visit us and have an experience that will change your life. We would love to welcome you to  DHI Costa Rica.

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Change your look and fight baldness

Look in the mirror, is that exactly how you feel about yourself?

Hair loss feels unfair and makes us feel helpless since it’s hereditary; we slowly see how our appearance starts changing. If we feel young, and want to look attractive, hair loss can affect our confidence and make us self conscious. 


The majority of people believe that hair loss is inevitable. Many use creams or shampoos to try to stop it from happening, although the truth is that with the use of special products and medicines we can only help prevent hair loss from getting worse.  The only proven way to gain hair in an area where hair loss has happened already is through a hair transplant.


Don't settle, get the looks you want

DHI gives you the opportunity to beat hair loss and preserve the looks you want. The days where you had to accept your hair loss can be erased. Now, you have a solution that  guarantees completely natural results and permanent hair for the rest of your life.

Below you can observe before and after results from a few of our patients at DHI Costa Rica


DHI_Fotos_AntesDespues (1)


Have a life changing experience!

DHI Costa Rica is one of the best hair transplant clinics around the world.  It’s located in a tropical paradise , where you could come to vacation and return home a few days later looking younger and feeling more confident. Learn more about this experience by clicking here.


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The DHI (direct hair implatation) procedure in Costa Rica

One of the best and most important hair transplant clinics in the world is located in Costa Rica, which guarantee natural looking results. Because we know what people are searching for are results that make them feel incredible, that look so natural that nobody will notice a hair transplant was done, we ensure up to a 97% effectivity rate. The DHI international franchise has an impeccable trajectory of 50 years and is now in Costa Rica carrying out hair transplants with the very best technique.



How is the whole process of a hair transplant with DHI Costa Rica?


The whole procedure from start to finish is performed by physicians trained and certified by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy, the one and only Academy in the world in hair restoration, and under strict DHI quality standardization protocols that we have set up to ensure lasting results for a lifetime.



The diagnosis is extremely important to understand the type of treatment needed by the patient. More importantly, if a patient wants to have a hair implant procedure, we need to assess if the patient qualifies  for it or not. This diagnosis is performed by a specialist doctor and he/she determines the quantity of hairs that need to be implanted for the result to be what the patient expects and that they have a natural look. During this medical appointment, the doctor will design your new hair (frontal hairline, eyebrows, or beard), determine the health of your scalp, and examine your donor  area.


 Finalizing the diagnosis, you will be told  the amount of hairs you can donate in your lifetime, if you qualify for a hair transplant, and we will also give you a personalized quote for your procedure.


Any of these could be your journey, or you could come a few days before your procedure and have more days to visit one of the many towns we have on amazing tropical beaches. We want you to compare the DHI experience with any other option you may have, see for yourself why you should choose DHI Costa Rica.



The hair follicles are extracted manually, one by one, from the donor area. This is done with a specialized tool called a punch that has a diameter of 1mm or less. To maintain the vitality of the follicles, we use hypothermosol which is a solution that, with the help of the ice packs, maintains the follicles in the ideal temperature so that their vitality does not decrease.



The hair follicles are implanted manually with a previous mathematical calculation and with a specialized patented implanter that permits the doctor to have control over  the angle, direction, and depth of each hair being implanted. This is what guarantees a completely natural look and the correct distribution of hair in the affected area.

Hair transplant before and after pictures

DHI_Fotos_AntesDespues (1)


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Before and after a DHI hair transplant in Costa Rica

The DHI Clinic in Costa Rica has amazing results  which are 100% natural looking and permanent. 


What is a hair transplant?

In essence, it’s moving hair from one area of the head to another. We first start by extracting one hair follicle at a time from the back and sides of the head; this is the donor area. We then transplant these follicles to the area of the head affected by hair loss. This technique uses healthy hair follicles that are not affected by the DHT hormone, responsible for hair loss (alopecia). By using follicles that are resistant to DHT, the new, transplanted hair, will never fall off.

What does a hair transplant look like?

Unless you talk about it, no one will notice! The results of a DHI hair transplant are impeccable, have 100% natural results, and leave no scars.

In order for the implant to look perfect, we use specialized and patented tools that allow the transplanted hair to have the correct angle, direction, and depth required. Our doctors will create a personalized hair design depending on each patient's expectations for a completely natural look.

A few days after the transplant, you will notice  the new hair starting to grow. The final results will be seen one year later with new hair that grows naturally and with no visible scars.

In the  pictures below, you can see an example of a procedure where 7,296 hairs  were transplanted. Can you see how much denser the crown and frontal area look? This can only be achieved through  a hair transplant procedure, done by hair transplant specialist doctors.

Before and After

DHI_Fotos_AntesDespues (1)

DHI Costa Rica will provide an experience that will change your life. We guarantee results that will look natural and an  exceptional service than any other. Visit us and compare our quality with any other clinic of your liking.


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Angel Rafael's experience with DHI

DHI-blog-angelrafael-imagen-dos.jpgPhoto: 6 months after the Angelrafael hair transplant.

Angelrafael Gonzalez is a professional stylist and his job requires to have an excellent personal image and extraordinary hair. For him, baldness was never an option. Thankfully, he found us while researching about hair loss solutions. DHI Costa Rica provided exactly what he was looking for and the results have been amazing.


We had the opportunity to follow the process of his hair transplant procedure. Six months after the surgery, we could already see these great results.

Before and after (6 months) Angelrafael hair transplant.

“I am so happy, I feel proud of having this procedure done” said Angelrafael.

These words mean a lot to us. Angelrafael is one more patient for whom we are able to fulfill their dream.

There are many people who have undergone a hair transplant procedure at DHI Costa Rica. We want you to learn about our high quality standards and compare for yourself. 


Compare for yourself

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The main reasons why having your hair transplant done in Costa Rica is better: the superior experience

We know you want your hair back, you want to look in the mirror and see the person you feel you are. You want to look young and vibrant, and you know that a hair transplant is the way to make it possible.


But don't be too quick on making your decision as of what technique you want or where you want to get it done. There are many clinics that offer hair transplants, but you have to be careful because you don't want the implant to look unnatural or invest money in a process that won't work at all. 


DHI is considered the best hair restoration clinic.  We do not just have our patented tools but we also have 50 years of experience with 75 clinics all over the world.  We guarantee natural results thanks to our strict protocols and internationally trained professionals.  


 When it comes to your appearance, you must make a safe investment because its more than just a hair transplant, what you are looking for is a life changing experience that will give you back your looks and your confidence.


Senior man and hair loss issue-1

A hair transplant is better in DHI Costa Rica

Here are 3 reasons why DHI Costa Rica is a better place to have your hair transplant done:


Medical quality in the DHI procedure

Unlike with other hair transplant methods such as FUT or FUE, with the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method, there is no need for any previous incisions or holes in the implanted area.  Hair follicles are implanted directly in the area using the patented DHI implanter, which lets the doctor have control of the direction, depth, and angle of each graft.  We also do not use any scalpels, reception incisions, or stitches.  

The hair follicles are extracted one by one using a specifically designed disposable tool with a diameter of 1mm or less to avoid trauma to the area.  In order to avoid the risks of having the hair follicles outside their natural environment for too long, once they are extracted, they are kept in a special solution called hypothermosol which enhances their development after placement.  

Even though it is common that hair transplant procedures are performed by technicians for cost efficiency reasons, at DHI the procedure from start to finish is performed only by medical doctors.  All our doctors have been trained and certified by the DHI academy, the only training academy in hair restoration.  All of the above is to ensure 100% safety, natural results, and lifetime growth every time. 

Read one of our patients testimony here: Angel Rafael's experience with DHI.

Located in a tropical paradise

The view from DHI Costa Rica’s clinic shows you the natural exuberance of our country. From the chair where you get your hair transplant done you can see dense vegetation, a nice view of the Central Valley area, and at a distance some of the great mountains and volcanoes that surround the city.

The paradisiac surroundings will relax you and help you heal.  No wonder Costa Rica is such a popular country with all sorts of medical tourism.

You get more for your money

DHI Costa Rica gives you a quality assurance and has a team of dedicated professionals with a keen eye for aesthetic results.  We are not the most economical option in the market but we are the ones that offer more value.

If what you are looking for is a better, natural, younger look, a boost in your confidence, and a medical procedure that has permanent results, then DHI is your answer. Think of it as an investment in your wellbeing that is going to be worth every dollar.

The main reason for choosing DHI Costa Rica: It's a life changing experience

In DHI Costa Rica we have specialized in medical tourism and so, we offer a full experience on your hair transplant and go beyond just the fine medical procedure.

We want you to return home as a new improved version of yourself by giving you the chance that most people don't have, the opportunity to restore your hair and your confidence. Every detail of this experience has been taken care of and you can ask us for any recommendations throughout this journey. 

If you want to learn more about the experience you could have, download our newest ebook.


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Take a vacation and come back with a full head of hair

Costa Rica has one of the best and most important hair transplant clinics in the world which  offers a procedure that is so satisfying and quick that it will allow you to have a hair transplant and a vacation in this beautiful country at the same time. So come to Costa Rica, visit the DHI clinic, and travel back looking younger!


DHI Costa Rica makes it possible

We guarantee natural looking results through a patented technique that does not use scalpels or  stitches, leaves no scars, is painless , and has a very short recovery time.


This is possible thanks  to the specialized tools used by the DHI doctors. These tools have a diameter  of 1.00 mm or less and allow the doctors to choose depth, direction, and angle of each hair, while they implant them one by one. 


The hair transplant procedure requires  few post-operative cares which are easy and can be done  at home. Full rest is not required in order to get better which means that you will be able to roam around Costa Rica while  taking care of your new hair!


A life changing  journey

This could be the best  vacation of your life! Regain your youthful look and your confidence while visiting a tropical paradise which is famous for its medical tourism. Getting rid of hair loss is at your fingertips and at an amazing price.


beach at Praslin island, Seychelles-1


Are you interested in more details about this experience? Click on the following ebook and you will find an example of an  itinerary and an estimated cost.


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Why is the DHI technique considered the best?

Throughout it’s 50 year trayectory, DHI’s international franchise has been catalogued as the best hair transplant clinic around the world. Our technique and patented tools allow the results to have a natural aspect and incredible results. Old and archaic techniques which are still being used today around the world, are a thing of the past for DHI.


Our procedure is minimally invasive and performed with local anesthesia so our patient’s don’t feel pain at any time, making the recovery time very short.


Casual man smiling at camera on a sunny day in the city

These are the five main reasons as to why DHI is recognized as the best hair transplant clinic in the world:


1) Procedure done from start to finish by certified Doctors.

Doctors at DHI are trained at DHI’s Hair Restoration Academy, which ensures consistency and quality in each and every one of our procedures. All our Doctors have been trained intensively and certified internationally as hair transplant specialists. 


2) Minimum manipulation of hair follicles results in a high survival rate.

After many years of experience, we guarantee up to a 97% effectivity of the follicles. By taking extensive care of each and every hair follicle after the extraction, we ensure the very best vitality rate.  When the hair follicles are extracted they are manipulated minimally in a delicate way, keeping them at an exact low temperature with a liquid called hypothermosol in order for the properties to stay intact. 


3) Patented Technique

DHI’s hair transplant starts with the extraction of follicles. These are cut with a punch that enables the doctor to manually manipulate them in order to prevent bad cuts or transactions in the follicles. This technique does not require the use of scalpels or stitches.  In the implantation we use a special patented implanter with sterile needles, which allows the Dr. to place each hair without damaging it in order to obtain the best results.


4) Standardized protocols 

We have a maximum allowable time for each of our processes in the extraction and implantation phases. This has been established to maintain the vitality of each hair follicle while outside its regular habitat, as well as reduce the procedure time to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible for every patient.

Strict DHI quality standardization protocols are set to ensure great results every time.


5) Guaranteed natural looking results 

The specialized tools used by DHI Doctors, allow them to choose the correct angle, direction, and depth to ensure that each and every implanted hair looks natural. DHI is unique because it is 100% transparent in its protocols and services, and more importantly it has up to a 97% effective rate on the survival of the implanted hair follicles.


One of the best hair transplant clinics in the world is located in Costa Rica. You can visit us and have a life changing experience in a tropical paradise. Learn more about what DHI Costa Rica has to offer.

Compare for yourself 

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The experience of your hair transplant is important. Here is the itinerary for your trip to DHI Costa Rica

The experience of your hair transplant is important

There is a big difference between the experience we offer in DHI Costa Rica versus the one you can get elsewhere. This is because we have specialized in medical tourism and have made sure that every step of our process feels safe, relaxing and enjoyable, transforming your hair transplant procedure into a life changing experience for anyone wishing to regain their hair, looks, and confidence back.


From the moment you see Costa Rica from the airplane window, you'll know you have arrived somewhere special. On the day of your procedure you will be welcomed into our top notch medical facilities overlooking the common exuberant vegetation of Costa Rica and be received by our team of caring professionals that will make sure you have a pleasant experience. 


There are also the beautiful hotels, fine dining, and even a tour to a majestic crater of an active volcano if you wish to be amazed. Costa Rica and DHI will surprise you with an amazing experience.  We also guarantee the highest of standards in medical safety and aesthetic precision to make sure your expectations are met.


Learn more about the main benefits of the DHI Transplant in Costa Rica: The benefits of Costa Rica for medical tourism

Trail through lush green forest in Codorus State Park, Pennsylvania.


Take a look at two different itinerary options of a life changing journey, depending on the length of your stay.


Option 1:

Day 1 : Arrive in Costa Rica.

Day 2: Procedure.

Day 3 - 4 - 5: Check ups, head washes, and rest.

Day 6: Visit a natural wonder of Costa Rica.

Day 7:  Return home with a full head of hair.


Option 2:

Day 1: Arrive in Costa Rica and head to a town in the beach with a private driver.

Day 2:  Enjoy your day at the beach.

Day 3: Enjoy your morning in the beach and head back to San Jose in the afternoon.

Day 4: Procedure.

Day 5 - 6 - 7: Check ups, head washes, and rest.

Day 8: Visit a volcano.

Day 9: Return home with a full head of hair.


boat on beach Mahe island, Seychelles


Any of these could be your journey, or you could come a few days before your procedure and have more days to visit one of the many towns we have on amazing tropical beaches. We want you to compare the DHI experience with any other option you may have, see for yourself why you should choose DHI Costa Rica.


 Compare for yourself the quality of the DHI Costa Rica

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Look younger with more hair

Aging is much more than just a number; it’s about feeling old, based on how we feel about our personal image and what we do in our day to day routine. Hair loss is one of the main aspects that influences people to look or feel older than they really are. 


For this reason, a positive attitude will help us feel better. However, there is no better cure to making you feel younger and full of life, than getting a hair transplant that covers all of the areas in your head where you feel need more hair.


The appointment  before the transplant, allows our doctors to personalize the expectations of the patient, by understanding what type of changes the patient is looking for, what areas are affected by alopecia. and analyze their donor area. With this information we will be able to calculate the amount of hairs that will be needed in the different affected areas.


After the implant you will gradually notice with time new hair growing. This will happen without changing your appearance drastically and always maintaining a natural look.  A perfect example of this is a patient who wants to keep the same frontal hairline they currently have but with a denser look. The expectation of the implant is not to change somebody’s look completely but improve their current one. 


We take into consideration all of these details  in order to make each patient feel the best way possible. We strive to meet every patients  expectations, helping them see a great change, taking into account their age and degree of alopecia they present.

Young man relaxing on park bench on a summers day-3


¿How to stay young? Have a life changing experience.

It’s time to make a change to recover or maintain your youthfulness. What better way to do this than traveling to an exotic destination and coming back looking younger with more hair?


A hair transplant at DHI Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to do just that. This is one of the best hair transplant clinics around the world, which is located in a tropical paradise. Learn more about this life changing experience here:


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